Progress report…

Well, Peter’s been at home for 3 days now and we’re all doing fine. Feeding continues to go well – certainly he’s got into the swing of things faster than Matthew did at the same age. We’ve broken out the muslin squares and the regurgitated milk flow has started up- – as had the inevitable accidents on the changing mat feature of small baby life. Still, all in all we’re doing ok – Matthew shows occasional interest in Peter and not too much (more than normal) bad behaviour. I suspect that this might be that he’s actually getting more Mummy attention than he did in the week or two before Peter was born when Rachel was feeling pretty rough.

Peter does the whole, feed, sick-up/digest, excrete, sleep cycle thing fairly well. We have him sleeping in our room at the moment and that seems to work ok for both of us getting some sleep – the first few nights he’s been feeding every couple of hours at the start of the night and then managing 4 hours or so for the second half of the nght, but we’re well awatre that will change every day – and we haven’t hit the cluster feeding stage yet.

More pictures going up in drips and drabs as well.

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