Weighty matters…

Midwife came today to do Peter’s heel prick test and to weigh him. He is now 7lb 7oz and is therefore now heavier than when he was born – which is not bad going for a 6 day old. He certainly looks a bit rounder in the face and we could convince ourselves that he is filling out in other places as well. He’s certainly eating well…. The cord stump has come off, which is good because we were getting a little worried that it was looking a bit oozy. Sleepwise it’s been ok – some longish sleeps in the frst part of the night and shorter sleeps later on, with some unfortunately loud screramy nappy changes in the early hours which we think have worken Matthew up (unlike Matthew, who has alwaus been a bit of a naturist child, Peter does not like being undressed and does not like baths or nappy changes).

Matthew has been coping on the whole really very well – modulo tirediness due to being woken up to early. Peter is clearly recognized as part of the family – at least on the same level as the cats – in that he is allocated shopping lists and trolley in the shopping game. We’re occasionally told to put Peter down – but somewhere suitable like his basket or chair – in order to play with Matthew, but with two of us around we can normally chop and change between baby and toddler care (apart from those things that only Mummys can do :-) !). Still all in all we’re doing ok, although we need to engineer more opportunities for Rachel to nap since she’s losing a couple of hours each night to feed and soothe Peter. Midwife suggested on today’s visit that the week after next would be a good time to think about expressing milk – “to give more flexibility” trans. “so that Gavin can do the late night feeds”.

Oops, nearly forgot – Peter Benjamin Burnell now official exists as a named entity.

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  1. Rachel Says:

    That last cryptic comment means we have registered his birth…

    Matthew also talks to Peter occasionally, mainly to enquire about the state of his nappy, and suggested that he join the soft toys for a tractor ride (on duvet and beanbag).