Dry nights…

I realised that we never actually recorded here that Matthew no longer uses a night nappy. This was (after a number of false starts) entirely at his instigation. It did then take a couple of weeks for us to figure out how to get him through a night dry and with us getting enough sleep to be sustainable, a couple of weeks during which we washed sheets and pyjamas on a daily basis. Matthew is one of those children that just does not wake up either before or after needing the loo in the night.

So now we make sure he doesn’t drink too much at supper and I wake him up and more or less steer him to the loo at 11. A “midnight” snack is left out to encourage any early morning loo trips to happen (we suspect that this more a case of getting up for the snack and then deciding whether a loo trip is wanted, but never mind).

Result -we are now changing pyjamas and sheets because Matthew has worn/slept on them for too many nights running.

Just hope Peter doesn’t take so long to train….

One Response to “Dry nights…”

  1. Hester Says:

    Great news! At some point there will come the step change when he gets resentful about being “walked” at 11, and you’ll find that his bladder is perfectly capable of holding out until the morning. We’ve had it in the last few weeks with Tom and it’s made a huge difference – at last we can go to sleep earlier in the evening if we want to.