March 2014

Gavin spent a lot of March 2014 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. All the boys knew about Tennessee before Daddy went there was that the Wombles in Nashville, Tennessee play country music. Now they also know that the Tennessee Volunteers baseball team wear bright orange kit (Peter is very pleased with his bright orange baseball kit). Other than that it probably hasn’t broadened anyone’s horizons very much. But the research trip went ok.

Other than that, I really can’t think of much to report. The boys and I went to Rugby and they had the chance to hang out with Cousin Marcus and get muddy in the grandparents’ garden instead of ours. Peter and his friend were very enthusiastic for a while about writing a story about a ninja hamster. Granny Jocelyn came and gave a talk to the year 5 & 6 pupils at the school; I haven’t heard whether they were better behaved than the Leeds Institute of Physics. Spring came and things grew. Matthew played more cricket. We hunted scarecrows around Headingley and attended a childrens’ book launch, all in the name of the Headingley LitFest (they were literary scarecrows. The boys liked the Jeremy Fisher scarecrow best). I started reading “The Secret Garden” to Peter and realised that after all these years in Yorkshire I still can’t do a Yorkshire accent.

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