April 2014

It’s been a beautiful proper Browning-and-Chaucer April, apart from the fact that there wasn’t much of a drought of March to pierce to the root(e). The vertu engendered, in this case, leads not to going on pilgrimage but to digging the garden. Or, in the boys’ case, running around outside more than ever.
The Easter holidays happened. Matthew spent a few days, mostly at the science festival, where among other things he made bubble bath, built a robot, poked a sheep’s heart and developed a photograph. And watched lots of things go bang. Whether because of the science festival or not, he likes the periodic table at the moment. And the Tom Lehrer song with all the element names.
Peter stayed at home, his most exciting expedition being (at his request) to the national football museum in Manchester. If you didn’t know there was a national football museum, you probably didn’t really need to. But Peter was quite happy with his visit, especially as there was an Easter egg hunt. There was also an Easter egg hunt at the urban farm (a fiendishly difficult one that baffled the collective wits of our family plus Grandpa Martin. We’re sure some of the egg signs had fallen down or been moved. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it). And there was an Easter egg hunt in our garden. And one in the neighbours’ garden. And I blew lots of eggs to decorate. And Peter made a paper-mache egg. There were really rather a lot of eggs. Arguably an eggcessive number. Etc.
Matthew played his debut match of “kwik cricket” for St Chad’s under-9s. He took two wickets, which is pretty good even considering that the rules of kwik cricket allow in theory as many wickets to be taken as there are balls bowled. I very much enjoyed sitting in a field on a sunny morning watching a relatively gentle sport played at the slowish pace achieved by under-9s.

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