May 2014

We like bank holiday long weekends.
Peter regards the whole of May as a buildup to June and his birthday. Daddy’s birthday is also mostly part of the buildup to Peter’s birthday.
Gavin went to Japan for a week. As far as the boys were concerned, the main reason to go to Japan was to travel on a bullet train (and bring back a phone-video showing how fast the bullet train goes).
Matthew played more cricket, Peter played more football, Matthew started playing rugby league at school. The mud continued. Matthew read Sherlock Holmes stories. Peter started reading Bible stories and asking tricky theological questions at bedtime. There were large sunny multi-garden birthday parties with the children next door. We went for the normal end-of-May pizza at the local pizza restaurant (that did good gluten free pizza before all the big chains got in on the action). I took Matthew to his first ever Shakespeare play – an outdoor production of Merry Wives of Windsor. In a thunderstorm. It was, you might say, memorable. Luckily a lot of the humour didn’t require us to be able to hear the words. We had large umbrellas.

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