Irregular summer update

Ooops, sorry about that. I can’t remember what was happening at the end of June. At the end of July we were getting ready to go away for two weeks’ summer holiday (type thing). So… in the last two and a half months quite a lot has happened, from the sublime to the ridiculous. For example, and not in this order:
– The boys’ new cousin Agnes May Pelling arrived; we called on her when she was two weeks old, and she was kind enough to be awake and not crying for some part of the time
– Peter turned six, and had a “space” party with more slightly offbeat games and arguably too much food colouring
– Another year of school finished, and there were lots of sports days and school trips and end-of-term events
– We went to Yearly Meeting Gathering in Bath [see below]
– and on holiday for a week in Studland
– Peter went to Edinburgh
– lots and lots of cricket happened, mostly to Matthew but some of it to the rest of us (and if you do a web search for “Bairstow and Ballance surprise visit to cricket club” you can see a video of one of the more surprising bits of it)
– lots of loom bands were joined together into very long multicoloured chains, which you can then look at and say “that’s a really long loom band chain” before leaving it lying around the house
– the boys and I each knitted a couple of centimetres of a six-mile-long pink scarf

And while we were in Bath:
Gavin, being on arrangements committee ran around being important and slightly frazzled and doing vital things, like sorting out changes to the agenda and supplying the gathering team with fruit;
Matthew made himself useful as a sidekick to arrangements committee and the logistics team. His finest hour was when he was deployed on excursion day to explain to Friends why they’d been given the wrong packed lunches (because the well-known Quaker rudeness/directness that emerges on these occasions seems to fade away when confronted with an eight-year-old);
Peter figured out an impressive number of ways to have a good game of football (or similar) on top of a small hill;
Matthew clerked a nominations committee and Peter wrote most of a minute;
I drank a lot of tea and talked to a lot of people. The boys got used to being unable to walk between any two points without having to stop for a chat.

Overall – it’s been a good summer, we were more than ready for the holiday, and I’m putting off starting to think about work again.

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