Happy new year!

Oops sorry, I really thought I had done an entry for November. I can’t remember what happened in November. The boys started going to Beavers and Cubs and started acquiring badges. I started teaching them to sew badges on.
December was quite a lot about the Hyde Park Unity Day pantomime “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Hair”, in which Peter played Child No. 2 and A Ghost, I played an occasional scene-shifter/prop-organiser/ghost-dresser, Matthew came along to a lot of the rehearsals and making-sessions, learned the script by heart and made an eyeball out of newspaper and sellotape but eventually (with Gavin) played an appreciative audience member. For me and Peter at least it was a surprising amount of work and a surprising amount of fun. Community panto at its finest, the sort when you just about manage to have a full run-through before the first night and then realise that the audience enjoy the mistakes as much as they enjoy the bits that actually go right.
We had Christmas in Edinburgh and between-Christmas-and-new-year in Rugby and new year back here and lots of food and lots of sitting around and lots of miles of train travel with no delays at all, and it was great. And now it’s just about time to go back to work for 2015… which will be something of a rude shock after nearly two weeks off.
It’s been a good year for us; we are astonishingly fortunate in so many respects and do our best to stay aware of it; I’ll try to keep up the blogs in 2015.

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