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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Peter has now been a week not wearing nappies during the daytime and continues to be managing this with remarkably few accidents. He had two days at nursery this week (thanks to the extra bank holidays that Leeds University observes) and had no real no accidents and only one missed potty incident. Obviously this won’t last for ever, but compared to the difficulties we had with Matthew at a similar stage – when I positively dreaded seeing the row of little blue nappy sack bags containing dirty pants and trousers at pickup time – this seems all too easy !

Dry nights…

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I realised that we never actually recorded here that Matthew no longer uses a night nappy. This was (after a number of false starts) entirely at his instigation. It did then take a couple of weeks for us to figure out how to get him through a night dry and with us getting enough sleep to be sustainable, a couple of weeks during which we washed sheets and pyjamas on a daily basis. Matthew is one of those children that just does not wake up either before or after needing the loo in the night.

So now we make sure he doesn’t drink too much at supper and I wake him up and more or less steer him to the loo at 11. A “midnight” snack is left out to encourage any early morning loo trips to happen (we suspect that this more a case of getting up for the snack and then deciding whether a loo trip is wanted, but never mind).

Result -we are now changing pyjamas and sheets because Matthew has worn/slept on them for too many nights running.

Just hope Peter doesn’t take so long to train….

Flu update

Friday, October 30th, 2009

The flu situation continues to improve, albeit slowly. Matthew is now just a bit tired and post-viral. Peter is pretty much back to normal. Rachel is improving but still occasionally has high temperatures, but now has a stock of tamiflu as well. Meanwhile, I appear to be well which since (a) I have a knackered immune system, (b) have been vaccinated for seasonal flu and (c) have not been vaccinated for swine flu, leads me to conclude that most probably we have had a run in with seasonal flu. Alternatively the 24 hour flu that I got a couple of weeks ago was swine flu and I’m (like Peter) just one of the lucky people who don’t really notice it.

Sanity in household greatly enhanced by presence of Jane and Robin to help look after the boys.


Monday, October 26th, 2009

Some variety of flu is going through the household currently. Matthew developed a temperature on Wednesday evening and has one on or off since then, but appears to be on the mend now. Peter woke up this morning with a temperature and fairly obvious flu sysmptoms and this evening Rachel has gone down with a temperature as well. I went to collect tamiflu for the boys today so we’ll see how that goes. If we’re lucky its just seasonal flu which I’ve been vacinated against and not swine flu which I haven’t. If we’re unlucky then we’re going to be all down at the same time which won’t be good. Hey ho.

Ho hum again

Monday, April 20th, 2009

4 words:


Crawling Baby

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Peter can crawl. He has crawled before he has walked, thereby proving that he is not Matthew. His crawling lacks style, involving one leg sort of bent under him and the remaining limbs in the more traditional crawling mode, but it seems quite effective at covering ground. Now need to get a playpen so that Matthew can barracde himself (and whatever toys he wants to not have Peter play with) away from the newly mobile little brother.

New Photos

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

I’ve finally gotten round to putting up about 4 months worth of photos on the website. Some of these have been available on facebook and some re new from our travels overs Christmas. We’ve done a certain number of flicks between pictures of Matthew aged 6-7 months and Peter. Generally we can tell the two apart ! (look in March and April 2006 for the comparison).

New photos

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I’ve been rather slow about posting new photos on the site, but I’ve done a mini-catchup and started the September to December tab going as well.

Peter did a big scream at bathtime tonight, but other than that seems to have been ok with the injections this time.

Weighty matters…

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Midwife came today to do Peter’s heel prick test and to weigh him. He is now 7lb 7oz and is therefore now heavier than when he was born – which is not bad going for a 6 day old. He certainly looks a bit rounder in the face and we could convince ourselves that he is filling out in other places as well. He’s certainly eating well…. The cord stump has come off, which is good because we were getting a little worried that it was looking a bit oozy. Sleepwise it’s been ok – some longish sleeps in the frst part of the night and shorter sleeps later on, with some unfortunately loud screramy nappy changes in the early hours which we think have worken Matthew up (unlike Matthew, who has alwaus been a bit of a naturist child, Peter does not like being undressed and does not like baths or nappy changes).

Matthew has been coping on the whole really very well – modulo tirediness due to being woken up to early. Peter is clearly recognized as part of the family – at least on the same level as the cats – in that he is allocated shopping lists and trolley in the shopping game. We’re occasionally told to put Peter down – but somewhere suitable like his basket or chair – in order to play with Matthew, but with two of us around we can normally chop and change between baby and toddler care (apart from those things that only Mummys can do :-) !). Still all in all we’re doing ok, although we need to engineer more opportunities for Rachel to nap since she’s losing a couple of hours each night to feed and soothe Peter. Midwife suggested on today’s visit that the week after next would be a good time to think about expressing milk – “to give more flexibility” trans. “so that Gavin can do the late night feeds”.

Oops, nearly forgot – Peter Benjamin Burnell now official exists as a named entity.

Progress report…

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Well, Peter’s been at home for 3 days now and we’re all doing fine. Feeding continues to go well – certainly he’s got into the swing of things faster than Matthew did at the same age. We’ve broken out the muslin squares and the regurgitated milk flow has started up- – as had the inevitable accidents on the changing mat feature of small baby life. Still, all in all we’re doing ok – Matthew shows occasional interest in Peter and not too much (more than normal) bad behaviour. I suspect that this might be that he’s actually getting more Mummy attention than he did in the week or two before Peter was born when Rachel was feeling pretty rough.

Peter does the whole, feed, sick-up/digest, excrete, sleep cycle thing fairly well. We have him sleeping in our room at the moment and that seems to work ok for both of us getting some sleep – the first few nights he’s been feeding every couple of hours at the start of the night and then managing 4 hours or so for the second half of the nght, but we’re well awatre that will change every day – and we haven’t hit the cluster feeding stage yet.

More pictures going up in drips and drabs as well.