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Peter Benjamin Burnell (the baby formerly known as J2)

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Peter was born this morning at 00.33 and weighing 3.35kg or 7ln 5oz. All are well and we’re looking forward to Rachel and Peter coming home as soon as possible. More details later… Pictures arriving here.

Getting going, or not ?

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

We think things might be begining to happen. Or perhaps its all a false start, or we might be doing this for another 48 hours or longer. Anyway, my father has been summoned, just in case, and we’re doing things like double checking the CD player that’s coming to the hospital and choosing DVDs. And I’m working out what I need to email off tonight in case I’m not in work on Monday…

More news when there is some.

More pictures… (again)

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

We seem to have had rather a backlog of pictures waiting to go up on the site, so I’ve finally gotten around to it. Some ones from last year here and some from this year here.

With the sudden outbreak of summer we’ve had the paddling pool out for its inaugural inflating (“my turn now, now your turn, no my turn now”) and filling(“more buckets of water, Daddy”). Great fun had by all, but mostly by Matthew.

Other activities of this weekend have included moving the desk, bookcase and junk from the back room up to the attic, and the cot and baby supplies down. Matthew now has the definite idea that the back room is the baby’s room and even consented to help vacuum it, which given the level of terror that vacuum cleaners induce in him is not bad going…

Potty Progress

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Today’s tally: 3 accidents, several successes and one at Matthew’s instigation…. so tomorrow is boumd to be a disaster :-)

…and home again

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Rachel got back to Leeds this afternoon from southern California. I suspect the contrast between San Diego and Leeds at this time of year is quite large when it comes to the weather :-) !

Matthew and I have survived Rachel’s absence without major incident and with many thanks to Granny jane and Grandpa Robin for coming for a long weekend to help look after both of us. This was actually a great break for me as I was temporarily suspended from nearly all toddler duties (by Matthew – who say firmly “No Daddy, go away Daddy”). Matthew’s “falling out of bed” has in fact been discovered to be”Matthew getting out of bed to sleep on the floor”. Any pretence that he actually sleeps in a bed has been abandoned as he now has a cot mattress on the floor beside the bed and starts (and finishes) the night in that. Still a bit mystified what has provoked this disdain for the bed, but we’re letting it go for the moment. One minorly amusing incident at bath time yesterday when Matthew managed to fall into his bath while still fully dressed and I had my back turned to hang his pyjamas up on the radiator. One moment he was playing with the taps, the next there is a splash and Matthew lying on his front in the bath looking very surprised…

I’ve put some pictures of Matthew up as well here.

I’ve just been reading the entry from last year (which, surprise surprise, was about me and the Muers grandparents looking after Matthew). I noted that at that point I was just leaving Matthew to cry when he woke up before 6.30 – this year I’ve again been not getting Matthew up much before 7am, but the difference is that Matthew is much happier to be left until then. Indeed, it’s now the case that I need to get up in order that I get to work at a reasonable time, rather than because Matthew won’t let me stay in bed any longer !

Other major news is that today we (ok Rachel) had the first (12 week) scan of J2. All looks good so far and we have a due date in the first week in June – which if J2 is as good at Matthew at working out when the predicted due date is and obliging decides to be born then, will mean J2 misses all of: our wedding anniversary, my birthday, and Yearly Meeting ! Also means we can put J2 down for a nursery place.

Picture here.


Saturday, November 10th, 2007

As a consequence of the expected arrival of J2 (in the form of u ltrasound scans in the short-medium term at least) – I’ve rearranged the collection of pictures on – this does mean that the links from previous posts are now broken, but all the photos are still there. We really should take some more pictures – but life has just beeh a bit too busy lately…

Slightly freaky moment…

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

When you stumble across a reference to your 2 year old on Wikipedia… Ok, no prizes for guessing how Matthew’s name got there, but still ! I’m used to occasional references to myself cropping up in places I hadn’t expected, but really didn’t expect to find Matthew being mentioned as well. I’m now toying with the idea of removing the reference from the article, which is not entirely logical since there is far far more information about Matthew in the public domain available here. But, we chose to put the information here and not some over enthusiastic Wiki editor.

after a Famous Diarist…

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Up betimes and to breakfast. Thence to a coffee house in St James to meet with a friend who has a place in government. On to the Royal Society, to meet a Fellow and to discourse on Science. Later commanded to attend upon Her Majesty at the Palace to observe an Investiture at which sundry and diverse Persons were bestowed with Honours. Home in a merry spirit, and so to bed.


Saturday, September 8th, 2007

We’ll do  a proper 2nd birthday post “real soon” now, but in the meantime I’ve added a couple more movies to the collection. Matthew is so going to hate me when he’s a teenager for making these public :-) !


Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Ok, I know it’s been a while since we posted, but we’ll plead a large number of boxes and a temporarily non-functioning broadband connection.

Anyway, we’re here and moved succcessfully- the new house is great and will be even better once I’ve put up some bookshelves and emptied some of the boxes onto them. Matthew has coped very well with the move – Jane and Robin took him away to Rugby on the Saturday morning and delivered him to Leeds on Tuesday lunchtime allowing us to pack the Exeter house without needing to stop Matthew trying to unpack it again as fast as we packed. It also meant that we had some  spare time in the whole process to meet up with one of Rachel’s former colleagues for dinner and a drink (and not have to go rushing off to relieve baby sitter !) and to go to the cinema (to see Shrek 3 – not worth it) and for me to get to Meeting in Exeter one last time (having missed it the previous week due to the floods). The move proceeded smoothly and our stuff left in plenty of time for us to make a lunchtime train. Matthew has been very keen on the new house having two cats, so we were relieved to find that the house did indeed still have two cats when we arrived. More impressively, after a couple of days of Matthew and cats in occupation, we still have two cats – indeed Kepler has even consented to being stroked by Matthew a couple of times (Copernicus prefers to stay well out of the way until Matthew has gone to bed). Matthew has settled pretty fast into his new environment, from his point of view the best features of the house include the cats, a bigger room for all his toys, the cats, more room downstairs, the cats, more cupboards in the kitchen that he’s allowed to open, the cats, a swing in the garden and did we mention the cats ?